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Customer Service Agreement

Here at Hometown Veterinary Services...

We take pride in the customer service we provide our clients. Our services start on the phone and at the reception desk when you first walk in, and continue to your interactions with our knowledgeable veterinarians and veterinary technicians. We strive to make your visit a pleasant, friendly, informative, and helpful one at all times. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and we try to do so in a timely manner.


Our doctors and staff will take the time necessary to ensure that you fully understand your pet’s diagnosis. We will design a customized treatment plan for your pet’s particular condition. Since no two pets are exactly alike, we tailor our services to your pet’s individual needs. We will do our best to give you and your pet health care service you can count on!


Hometown Veterinary Services Staff
Dr. Eric Pugh at hometown verterinary services